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Designer Clothing For Men 'Clothes make the man' some say. If this is true then the top designers are responsible for transforming mere males into mighty men. While people of certain class and breeding still flock to their tailors to get the perfect fit and classic styles, a growing number of men get their style from designer clothing. Buying the right designer clothing can transform a pauper into a prince, at least fashion wise. In times past one could tell good breeding by the clothing people wore. Today the trend is to purchase one's trousers and tops from one or several of the world-famous design houses like Versace, Hugo Boss, Prada or Armani.

Historically the upwardly mobile made quite a fuss and tried to find a tailor to make them look upper crust. Today all one need do is find a haberdasher, pay a few pounds and Bob's your uncle. One is instantly in style. Even though the better designer togs cost a pretty penny even the hoi polloi can look like gents if they can get their hands on a few bob. Cash has now replaced good breeding as the way for one to insinuate oneself into the upper rungs of polite society.

Although nothing beats breeding and good taste, money has made it possible for many to improve their station and adopt the habiliment of the upper classes. One need only be able to afford a few good Armani suits, some Brooks Brothers shoes and get some guidance on the appropriate tie and one can find an entree into some of the world's better establishments. While comportment still carries the day, good clothing can open the doors to civil society for anyone who can afford it. And now through many of the most popular European design houses good clothes are increasingly available to everyone.

Established brands like the Italian design house Paul & Shark design quality clothing and make them available to the masses for a price.
Although the focus of the Paul & Shark brand is sailing attire, they do offer high-quality casual wear like their Cool Touch line. The Cool Touch line by Paul & Shark uses breathable fabrics to create smart pieces for the man who appreciates quality. Plaids, button-ups, denims, belts and deck and boat shoes and heavy duty yachting jackets resistant to the sun's ultraviolet rays, oil, wind, water and temperature variations. Their Storm System collection emphasizes wind and waterproof jackets while their Typhoon series provides an entire yachting suit designed to withstand turbulent nights out on the boat.

But even if one is not a yachtsman Paul & Shark can make you look like one. Their clothing is designed for style as well as function. Even if you've never trimmed a sail nor have no desire to do so they can make you look like you can.
Quality, style and durability are the hallmarks of Paul & Shark and are infused into everything they create.
Motorcycle clothing is also very popular now and becoming more fashionable with things like Oxford jackets and leather jackets for bikers and moto enthusiasts. This company also sells accessories such as glove and helmets by Shoei and leading fashion brands such as Alpine stars. covering Blackburn, Preston, Manchester, Bolton, Darwen, Rochdale and Burnley with local stores 1uk is well worth a look for any one looking for new motorcycle clothing gear, they also sell motorcycles as well with Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda new and used bikes in store.

Paul & Shark started in Masnago, an Italian city near Milan, in 1921. Initially it was a knitting mill, but in 1977 the company created a division to focus on the lucrative high-end menswear market with an emphasis on sportswear. Paul & Shark are known for their excellent work with wool, cotton and cashmere. Quality and attention to detail has always been fundamental concepts at Paul & Shark. From the colour, trim and lining of their industry leading all-weather sailing clothing to the mother of pearl buttons, titanium snaps and zippers and real horn or briar toggles for its duffels, Paul & Shark pays strict attention to quality, form and function. Whether it is an all-weather sailing suit or the cut and colours of its dress or casual pants, blazers or polo shirts, nothing says quality like the Paul & Shark brand.

For the gentleman who values classic style Armani carries the day. From their internationally known high-quality suits to jeans, shirts and shoes, Armani has always stood for quality. That has not changed. Working with the best fabrics in classic cuts to create clothing that puts them head and shoulders above the average. Fueled by decades of serving the world's best dressed men, Armani continues to produce a line of clothing easily distinguishable because of their quality and cuts.
Whether one is seeking clothing for a wedding, business meeting or casual comfort Armani continues to be a brand attracting people who appreciate class and quality. Their trousers are made of the best fabrics available on the planet. Their shirts, shoes, ties and sneakers are indispensible for the man of means who wants his clothes to reflect his good taste and breeding.

Owned and run by founder Giorgio Armani, the brand holds a hallowed place in the fashion industry. Its superior designs, fabrics, patterns, aesthetics, beauty and luxury has been a mainstay of this world leading menswear company since its founding in 1975. Armani suits, shirts, sweaters, ties and shoes are worn by royalty throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East and the biggest and best known Hollywood starts. World leaders, statesmen and powerbrokers are often clothed in Armani suits for formal gatherings and international affairs. If a man has a real interest in the world's best brand of clothing and fashion items, he cannot do better than Armani.

Prada is another influential brand of designer clothing long identified with well-made ready to wear styles. Based in Italy, Prada makes the trendiest clothing on the fashion market today. Founded in Milan in 1913 by Mario Prada, the company initially focused on shoes, bags, suitcases and trunks made with exotic animal skins available and sold primarily from his two stores in Milan. Today Prada is still known for some of the best made and loved leather bags and travel accessories.

The 1978 takeover of the Prada brand by Miuccia, granddaughter of the founder, has seen Prada going in new directions and the company name becoming more popular than ever. Today Prada is a well-respected clothing manufacturer whose products are worn by some of the world's best known men and women. Prada is known for simplicity, confidence and comfort. Not only do some of the world's elite wear Prada clothing, their men's cologne gives them the distinctive smell of success. From its humble beginnings as a leather products manufacturer in Milan it has now grown into a force in men's and women's fashions, and now selling designer clothing online. 

German fashion and lifestyle house Hugo Boss is another of the world's most popular and respected brands of men's and women's clothing. Founded in Metzingen, Germany near Stuttgart in 1924, the Hugo Boss brand has grown to represent some of the best men's wear available anywhere. After bankruptcy, founder Hugo Boss started with six sewing machines and the Hugo Boss clothing and housewares empire is now a major player on the world stage.

Initially the Hugo Boss brand of clothing was known for its European cuts, androgynous look, quirky styling and bohemian influences. Today Hugo Boss has exploded unto the scene with a wide range of styles and products including fragrances, skincare, eyewear and even watches. However, it is still known for its English tailoring styles in its high-end menswear division, Boss Selection. This division is aimed at men who reflect class and appreciate quality fabrics and classic cuts. 

Hugo Boss brands now cover a wide variety of men's designer clothes. There are segments that focus on casual wear like jeans, sweaters and casual shirts through its Boss Black line launched in the 1970s. It is one of the company’s most popular lines and includes classic men's wear and a broad product range.

Mens clothing is a major market. Many designers’ mens lines are major profit centers. Boss brands has tapped into that market through its almost 330 company stores worldwide. Its mens division also sells its clothing through a wide network of mens wear stores on almost all the continents.

Lacoste is another apparel maker that focuses on mens clothing. Lacoste is a high-end clothing manufacturer founded in the mid-1930s. It was founded by Rene Lacoste and was focused on top quality mens tennis, sailing and golf shirts. The Lacoste brand has since diversified into producing leather goods, footwear, eyewear and perfumes. But Lacoste's core market remains mens tennis shirts. 

Lacoste has become famous for its green crocodile logo, one of the first examples of a brand name being worn on the outside of clothing. Lacoste clothing is designed for mens market with clothing, particularly shirts, which are 'the status symbol of the competent sportsman'. Its 'preppy' clothing are embraced by upper class mens haberdashers and worn by men wanting a relaxed yet dignified look. Its designer clothes are worn by some of the world's leading sportsmen and others who appreciate good designer clothes.

Lacoste has been linked with clothing producer Izod since the 1950s. The Izod Lacoste brand was used in the US market until their partnership dissolved in 1993. The new millennium saw the Lacoste brand surge forward once again when the company signed deals with many rising stars on the mens tennis and professional golf circuit. Today the brand is still identified with the world's best sportsmen and athletes and other men who appreciate style and quality.

One of the newer entrants in the designer clothes market is Stone Island. Founded in the early 1980s by Italian designer Massimo Osti, Stone Island has risen to become a major player in the designer clothes industry with their emphasis on exclusive fabrics, superior construction and the details of the finished garment. Stone Island owes much of its style and success to the designer Gionata Malagodi.
The designer worked with Stone Island founder left the company and returned a few years ago. Since then the designer clothing company has seen a sharp rise in sales.

The key to the success of Stone Island has been their attention to detail. They pay keen attention to researching problem solving designs and resolving fabric issues. This has made their designer clothes world famous for quality and comfort. Innovation and function have always been more than just watch words at Stone Island. They have been the guiding principles that have become the hallmark of this designer clothing manufacturer.

Designer clothes are a market that requires constant innovations and improvement and Stone Island has been up to the task. Stone Island has invested millions in new technologies and research particularly in dyeing and the printing of unique patterns on its clothing. They have been known to use up to six colours on some of their designer clothing to give them a look no other company can match. Through using new techniques and drawing inspiration from work clothes and military wear Stone Island has created designer clothes that are now the industry standard for quality, cut and design.

While some companies have cut costs and may be tempted to skimp on quality, Stone Island continues to be a designer clothing industry leader because of their commitment to creating the best garments possible. This commitment to quality has resulted in legions of customers who are fiercely loyal to the brand.

Designer clothing is a multibillion dollar industry. The consumers who support it are usually willing to pay any price to ensure they get the best. Companies that spare no costs in the pursuit of designing and producing top quality clothing are rewarded with a large and growing share of the high end clothing market.
The search for better materials, unique styles, comfortable fits, futuristic colour schemes and classic cuts take these companies to the seven continents and sees them experimenting with fabrics, colours and cuts heretofore unknown.

Constant innovation is the only way to maintain market share and the best design houses are always willing to spend to innovate and remain on the cutting edge in terms of style and quality. This continues to win them customers among commoners, kings, captains of industry and opinion leaders in far flung corners of the planet for whom looking good is a prerequisite for their positions of power. The world's decision makers tend to have at least one thing in common, their sartorial splendor. This is a group of men and women for whom quality clothing plays an important role in reinforcing their image as authority figures.

For the man for whom cost is no issue, these top designer brands create a line of clothing that can only be described as upper crust. The fits and fabrics they employ bolster the image of strength, power and class.
These manufacturers also create clothing that is accessible to the masses in terms of cost. Fashion wise the world is a relatively small place. The same styles generally hold sway on all the continents with minor deviations for local culture. It is not unusual to see someone in Hong Kong wearing the same brand and style polo shirt as someone in Sao Paulo. While this mass marketing lowers cost for the low end clothing, men seeking the finer suits, shirts and trousers can also get their needs met with these well-known clothiers.

For many people good well produced off the rack clothing in quality fabrics have replaced the need for the personal tailor. High end stores provide alteration on-site to ensure customers get the perfect fit and fall in their clothes. Although mass production is largely the order of the day good menswear manufacturers have banished mediocrity and instead focus on featuring the finest fabrics, cuts and designs to suit any occasion. Whether one needs chic casual clothing for entertaining, durable weather resistant wear for sailing or formal menswear for a state dinner, today's popular designers can easily provide them and still make the man look stylish and well put together.

Fashion wise the world is rapidly shrinking, yet the better manufacturers manage to constantly innovate and create menswear in distinctive new fabrics and styles. Silk suits, linen or woolen trousers and tops, blazers and jackets in a rainbow of colours and new cuts still make men of distinction stand out among their peers. Well-crafted shoes, ties and other accessories combine comfort, form and function in wonderful new ways.

One area of major innovation is how one shops for clothing. The bricks and mortar shops are going the way of the wooly mammoth and disappearing into the darkness as a new day of online shopping is dawning. One can now shop for anything one desires from the comfort of one's own home. Within days or hours, should it be necessary, one can have garments produced in the far flung corners of the planet delivered to one's door. One no longer has to follow the silk routes to Asia to dress in the best fabrics the East has to offer. The entire world is but the click of a mouse away.

Convenience, choice and quality are the order of the day and now people in the UK have a single site from which they can shop all the world's markets. It's a brave new world and you are lord and master of it. Stone Island Page Designer Clothes by Stone Island | Paul & Shark A designer clothing company founded in 1982 is Stone Island. The company was first established by one of the famous Italian fashion designers called Massimo Osti. When the company started to get up and running in 1982 it soon became well known for its different fabrics and the numerous dyeing techniques that was used. How the company has been recognised over the years is because of the compass logo that appears to the upper left sleeves on many of the garments produced. The fashion label manufactured a all kinds of men's designer clothes as well as ladies and children. Once the Stone Island fashion label became popular new owners of the company Cristine and Carol Rivetti brought in a secondary line named the Stone Island shadow project in 1993. The types of designers clothes that cam under the secondary line includes high end fashion jackets, jumpers, jeans, t-shirts and much more.
Then in the late 1990's Paul Harvey became the main designer of the company. Since him taking over the by now well established company he went on to produce 24 more collections meaning that the Stone Island company had a large range of men's and ladies' designer clothing to choose from. With some many different designs to suite everyone's taste you are definitely spoilt for choice. When Stone Island first began producing their products they used a fabric which was reversible and that was red on one side of the cloth and blue on the other side. When the manufacturers decided that the cloth was to stiff once the garments had been produced they decided to put the cloth through what was called a stone wash, which softened the fabric. This is where the name Stone Island came from. One of the popular products that have been manufactured under the fashion label is the men's Ventile designer jackets. The designer clothes brand has now also introduced a children's line of clothing commonly known as Stone Island Junior. There is a large variety of clothing for the children including jeans, Jumpers, Jeans, Polo Shirts, T- Shirts and much more. So whatever it is you are looking for you will find high quality at low cost prices right here. Paul and Shark Famous for their wide range of men's designer sportswear clothing comes another well known fashion label, Paul & Shark. The company was founded by yet another Italian fashion designer in the early 1920's in Milan. With the company established the clothing was produced in a large knitting mill in Milan. The brand Paul & Shark also manufactures ladies designer clothing and a small range for the children. Some of the garments you can find within the collections include Jeans, Jackets, Shirts, Trousers, Shoes, T-Shirts and a number of different accessories.
Agua De Colonia: Agua De Colonia is a fresh and clean smelling fragrance that was first manufactured is the country of Spain, Madrid back in 1912. The fragrance was first produced by a man called Alvarez Gomez. Some of the products used within the fragrances include Lemon, Lavender, Geranium, Thyme and Rosemary to give the fragrance that natural smell. Some of the products under the designer label Agua De Colonia includes Roll on Deodorant, Shaving Cream, Shaving Foam, Shower Gel and Soap. Anerkjendt: Anerkjendt is one of the biggest expanding men's designer clothing ranges in Denmark. Selling high quality clothes to those people with a laid back rock 'n' roll lifestyle. Within the Anerkjendt collection each and every garment has its own unique finish to ensure that you always stand out. In the fashion labels collection you will find designer blazers, jeans, jumpers, shirts and much more. Baracuta: A fashion label that is famous for the Harrington Jacket is Baracuta. The popular designer clothing brand was first established back in the 1960's and can also be known as the Baracuta G9. Over the years the fashion label has been worn by many people but one person in particular has to be Steve McQueen. Check out below to view some of the stunning collection of the designer jackets. Barbour:
The designer brand Barbour is another fashion label for their extensive range of men's designer jackets. With 11 shops located through out the United Kingdom and products being sold world wide it is no wonder the fashion label has become so popular. The company was first founded back in 1894 in the South Shields in the United Kingdom by a man called John Barbour. The Barbour has become very well known for its choice of both quilted and waxed jackets over the years. Barbour International: World famous for its range of motorcycle jackets is the designer clothing brand Barbour International. Since 1936 when the company first begun there has been an international variety of wrist buckles, belts and pockets to the chest included to the jackets to give them that motorcycle look. Barbour Steve McQueen The men's designer clothes collection Barbour Steve McQueen introduces a large variety of casual going out shirts, wax jackets and stunning t-shirts to suite everyone. Steve McQueen was originally from Indiana and stared in many films including The Magnificent Seven and The Great Escape but not only was he an international film star he then presented the British with this high quality designer clothes brand as Barbour X Steve McQueen. Bass Shoes Back in the early 1930's the slip on shoe also known as the loafer was introduced by the designer footwear company Bass Shoes. The type of shoes became very popular in the United Kingdom from a very early age with all types of people wearing them including the well dressed students. You will find that the Bass shoes are found in a number of different colours and styles so there is something to suite everyone's taste.